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Sunday, February 13, 2011

An EcoBroker's Valentine's Day -- Make It Green

Let's make Mother Earth our biggest sweetheart his Valentine's Day.

Let's give her what She really wants.

What would that be?

This EcoBroker suggests . . .

Promise Her that you will not send cards, paper, boxes, tissue, wrapping paper . . . all things related . . . to the landfill this year.

Think about it.

Here are some tips to allow Mother Earth to enjoy a green Valentine's Day:

  • Send eCards
  • If you must use wrapping paper, choose paper made of 100 percent recycled paper; or, do as my son did years ago when I complained that he never wrapped my gifts -- put it inside your back pack and allow the recepient to unzip it!
  • Give a gift of yourself - cook a dinner, do a chore . . .
  • Instead of cut flowers, give a potted plant or herb. How about a rosemary plant and then cook your special someone a dinner using that herb?
  • Give a hand-made gift made from items you already have in your home -- found items -- such as old thick ties into hip skinny ties, floppy disks into pen holders or an old T-shirt into a reusable grocery bag.
  • Go on a treasure hunt
  • Give the gift of charity by donating money, or time you would spend on gifts and celebrations to help someone else in the name of love.
  • AND, a tip for next year . . . if you have received a gift in a box, such as chocolates, use that box to give a gift of home-made truffles, or organic chocolates from one of the local chocolatiers . . . many who give discounts for the use of your own box, just as coffee shops give you a discount when you bring in your own cup.
  •  You could make a craft-gift out of it or allow your little one to do so so . . .

Please leave comments here to describe your green Valentine's Day experiences or ideas!

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