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Friday, May 7, 2010

GREEN FLASH -- Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010

The HOME STAR ENERGY RETROFIT ACT, a/k/a "Cash for Caulkers" passed the House today.  Much like "Cash for Clunkers" and "Cash for Appliances," it is designed to give people a financial incentive to make green changes to their homes.  Of course, the bill passed by the House today must be matched by the Senate and then followed up with an Appropriation Bill to allocate funds of $6 billion for the program, but it is a good start.  

Here is why the Bill is important:
  • It will create jobs and reduce foreclosures.
  •  By giving people the means to make energy-efficient adjustments to their homes, it will lower their monthly bills and allow them to have more money to save -- an economic stimulus of sorts.
  • It will create jobs in the construction industry because some of the energy efficient improvements must be completed by professionals.
  • It will stimulate new jobs as new technologies are implemented.
 And, last, but certainly not least . . .
  •  Reducing CO2 emissions and ending dependence on foreign oil will be a good thing for this country!
As an EcoBroker, I try to bring a sustainable perspective to home buying and selling by making you aware of the environmental savings available through responsible promotion of the green features.  If this is something of interest to you, I am happy to help!

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