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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Thinking about selling?  Feeling overwhelmed?  You should be -- there is A LOT TO THINK ABOUT!  It is, after all, your greatest asset; but beyond that, it is your HOME.  Speaking of finances, are you tempted to sell it yourself and avoid paying commission?  After all, you can put it on the Internet, place a few ads in the local newspaper (woops, Ann Arbor barely has a Newspaper anymore), print up some flyers for the take-one box . . . Hey, knowledge is power!  Arm yourself with the facts -- all of them; and remember, that neighbor or co-worker who is telling you what a positive experience it was for them would never tell you that they made a bad decision, would they?

#1 - All that money that you supposedly saved on commission may very well be used up in a lower sale price.  A professional, full-time Realtor knows their product, and they know the competition and the Buyers and Buyer Agents as well.. . not to mention their skills as a Negotiator.

#2 - Your Realtor knows the neighborhood, sales statistics, current market conditions -- the real skinny on what's going on -- not just what's being hashed out around the water cooler.

#3 - As your Realtor, I can suggest ways to improve your home's appearance in order to make it more marketable so that you receive more attractive offers.  No, it' not always granite countertops -- it's keeping on top of the neighborhood comparables and making sure that you improve, but don't over-improve.

#4 - You set the asking price, but I can guide you in setting a realistic price -- the most likely range that your home will sell in and also one that will appraise, so that the Buyer can obtain financing.  You pull the trigger on where you want to be in that range based upon your motivation and other factors.

#5 - Your Realtor knows other Realtors who have Buyer Clients that may be looking for your exact house -- or at least possesses the features they are looking for.  This is called NETWORKING -- an irreplaceable component in the Home Selling Process. 

#6 - I will screen prospective buyers to make sure they are qualified to purchase a home like yours and not just wasting your time (or other more devious activities).  I will always operate in your best interest, keeping your motivation and plans confidential while at the same time try to glean information from the Buying side in order to get you a sale at the best price and terms.  

#7 - Ahhh the paperwork . . . purchase agreements, listing agreements, change agreements, contingency removals, addendums, title work, lead-based paint disclosure.  That's my job.  One little mistake could cost you dearly, so hire an expert.

#8 - After the closing -- I don't disappear after the sale. I guarantee that questions will pop up after you leave the closing table, deposit the check and make your next move. I am the Expert who won't charge you for advise for that question you forgot to ask.   I view our relationship as a long-term partnership and will be there to answer your questions, direct you to an expert who can and even help you with your next real-estate transaction. 

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